Friday, August 10, 2018

New Adventure! Welcome Back to our New School Year!

I served as CDC, Career Counselor at Carroll Magnet Middle for two years and was a School Counselor for 12 years before that, the last 3 years at Carroll. I will miss many dear friends at Carroll and wish them the best this school year!

 I have experience at all grade levels k-12 and I am excited about my new adventure at Apex Friendship High (job sharing with Lane Tomey, who wanted to go part time) and Apex Friendship Middle this school year! I look forward to blogging about my Career activities soon! I hope your new school year is wonderful! : ) Please email me anytime at

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

2nd Annual Career Fair for 8th Grade!

Our Career Fair for 8th grade doubled in size this year, instead of 12 Guest Speakers, we had 24! Sessions were added as well, instead of two sessions ...Students could choose 3 sessions!

Here is the line up of Guest Speakers, and the document created for them to Sign Up...

Here are some photos of our Guest Speakers in Session:

John & Migdalia Basilio shared about John's career as an MRI Technician for Raleigh Neurology, and they also shared about the Spanish Ministry they have together helping many families.

District Court Judge Bailey spoke about his experience with civil and criminal cases, as well as being an Attorney before that.  He also shared about his son who is a new Police Officer. 

Randy Rowell, a Computer Programmer from LexisNexis spoke about being a Computer Programmer, a popular one for sure ! 

Macy Williams, Manager with Brodie Construction, shared with our students about his career, and showed a video of a mega computerized brick layer in action!

Dr. Haugland shared with our students about being a Veterinarian, and doing Research in the field!

Sheldon Saddler, former Shaw University Football Star talked with our guys about Football Careers!

Bobby Sharpe, former Military, shared about Military Careers! 
He is also one of our CTE Teachers!

Dan Cwiakala, Youth Pastor, shared about being an Event Planner, working with Volunteers, he is also the Chair of our Business Alliance, has spoken at Career Cafe, has sponsored a Sports Mentoring group for many years at Carroll, and volunteers with our Football team! 

Kelly Darby shared about beginning her own Photography Business, and being a past Model in South Florida, and was a Defense Intelligence Agent for two years! 

Coach Elwood shared about being a Scholarship College Athlete, both Soccer and LaCrosse! She is also one of our 8th grade ELA Teachers, and former PE Teacher!

Rebekah Caroway came back, former Technology Teacher, now works for a Global Software company, many of our 8th graders had her for a Teacher in 6th grade! 

Courtney Tellefsen, owner of The Produce Box, shared about beginning a business from the ground up, being an Entrepreneur! She is also one of our 8th gr Parents, who has volunteered a lot! These students had to come up with a Business plan, the winner received a $10 bill! 

Sheree Brown shared about being a Hair Stylist at CT Weekends in Cameron Village!

Dr. David Skaar, Research Scientist at NC State, in Genetics, shared his career, and is also one of our 7th grade Parents, on our Business Alliance and has been a Guest Speaker for all of our 7th grade Science classes! 

Austin Hodge spoke to our students about Medical Careers, she is our School Nurse, and as an added Bonus, she shared about her past experience as a Military Nurse!

Mary Affee & JC came in to talk with our students about being a Therapist for children and about the business of having a Private Practice!

This is not even all of the wonderful Guest Speakers we had at our Annual Career Fair, we appreciate all of them taking time out to share their Career with our students! 

Saturday, May 5, 2018

2nd Annual Truck Career Fair ~6th grade~2018!

Truck Career Fair at Carroll Magnet Middle School in Raleigh...
We Thank our Community Leaders for sharing their careers with our 6th grade students!!

Office Cordona shared about being our School Resource Officer

Google Fiber gave out freebies from their big Tricycle! 

RPD K9 Handler was a big hit!

K9 was such an exciting surprise! Teachers and Students loved this!

NC Wildlife joined us for the first time this year!

Students loved seeing this amazing boat and hearing about how they protect wildlife and most importantly...keep us safe when we are on the water in NC!

Sunset Slush franchise owner and 6th grade Parents shared not only their Career/Business, but their sweet treats as well...

Needless to say...this was a big hit!  Our hope is that this Truck Career Fair will widen the horizons for our students to consider many different careers in our community as they navigate through middle school, and create some great memories! : ) 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

JA in a Day/Career Fair 7th grade

JA in a Day: Economics for Success in all 7th grade Classes...Thank You to our Volunteers who made this possible! Our students were engaged in learning about real world economics and learned about the Careers of our Guest Speakers. 

Saturday, February 10, 2018